Karoyog Classes

Yoga for Beginners

If you are new to the world of yoga and would like to start with the basics in order to fully grasp this ancient practice, then we offer yoga classes online that take you through the introductory sessions in a nurturing environment. Each yoga teacher allows the practitioners to understand their bodies and learn yoga at their own pace. By building a strong foundation through various beginner-friendly yoga poses and mindfulness techniques, you can embark on a transformative journey.

Yoga for Advanced Asanas

We also provide yoga classes online that are designed for seasoned practitioners who would like to push their boundaries and explore their bodies and their movements further. You will be able to refine your asanas further and improve your breath control. Moreover, advanced yoga training will also allow you to build more strength and flexibility under the guidance of our experienced yoga teachers so that you can take your practice to new heights.

Yoga for Housewives

Being a housewife is akin to a full-time job, so naturally, women have to focus on their overall well-being. Our yoga classes for housewives can help each woman in recharging their mind, body and soul. Each yoga teacher offers a supportive and empowering environment so the women can focus on prioritising not only their physical but mental well-being as well. Moreover, our holistic yoga training will allow you to reduce stress, cultivate physical strength and improve flexibility.

Yoga for the 50+ Age Group

Once you have entered your 50s, your body and its needs change significantly. We offer yoga classes for the 50+ age group. Your yoga teacher will teach you both gentle movements and breathwork so that you can build a stronger relationship with your body. You can embark on a fulfilling journey that offers not only mental calmness but also helps you deal with issues that arise with age such as body aches and digestion issues.

Yoga for Working Women

As busy professionals, women need to equip themselves with the right tools to deal with hectic schedules for a rejuvenated mind, body and spirit. We have the best yoga teachers online who teach you how to deal with stress and boost your productivity levels through ideal yoga poses and relaxation techniques. Not to mention, you can opt for a yoga class as per your own schedule to deal with common physical issues faced by working professionals such as back pain, cervical pain and sore eyes.

Yoga for Mental Illness

With our firm belief in yoga as the right tool for mental clarity, we provide yoga classes online for several mental illnesses and challenges as well. Led by an experienced yoga teacher, our sessions feature yoga-based interventions that can help people with better emotion recognition abilities. With yoga poses like Yogamudra, Nadishuddhi and Vajrasana, our members can lead towards a holistic and spiritual lifestyle without facing any mental health issues. Some of our yoga classes online are as follows: 


  • Yoga for Bipolar Disorder
  • Yoga for Schizophrenia
  • Yoga for Anxiety
  • Yoga for Stress
  • Yoga for Depression

Yoga for Special Children

Here at Karo Yog, we do not recognise any barriers, especially when the daily practices of yoga can offer a greater sense of overall well-being. Children with special needs and mental disabilities lack confidence and develop a sense of inferiority due to their lack of success. Keeping such challenges in mind, our yoga classes online focus on normalising their nervous systems with well-nourished and refreshed brain cells. To lay such strong foundations, we currently provide sessions such as: 


  • Yoga for Autism
  • Yoga for Down Syndrome
  • Yoga for ADHD
  • Yoga for Learning Disability

Yoga for General Fitness

To overcome challenges like increased levels of stress and body-wide inflammation, yoga has always acted as the best healing therapy. With the correct yoga poses and asanas, anyone can get rid of such health conditions and boost their immunity to ward off such challenges. Our yoga classes online are ideal for people with such physical illnesses and who want to embark on their journey of physical as well as mental health recovery. Some of those yoga classes currently held by us are mentioned below: 


  • Yoga for Diabetes
  • Yoga for Weight Loss
  • Yoga for Thyroid
  • Yoga for Back Pain
  • Yoga for Arthritis
  • Yoga for Cardiac Diseases
  • Yoga for High Blood Pressure