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Position:YCB Level 3
Experience:Diploma in yoga Science from MDNIY
My Yoga guru was my father who learned yoga from his school teacher. The art of yoga piqued my interest, and I was driven to learn it professionally. I first joined the Patanjali Nishulk Class and then made my way to the yoga course offered by MDNIY. I am a high-spirited and dedicated yoga teacher who embarked on this path of teaching yoga to others in order to help them embrace a beautiful blend of inner peace and physical well-being. It fills me with immense joy when I see people transforming their lives for the better, blossoming into healthier and happier beings. I particularly enjoy working with housewives. Considering the amount of stress, anxiety and hectic lifestyle that housewives have to struggle with, I would like to introduce this wellness practice into the lives of Indian housewives, empowering them to prioritise their self-care as well. I offer a nurturing environment that will allow you to physically challenge as well as spiritually expand yourself through mindfulness and a number of yoga asanas.