Karoyog Teacher


It was the year 2009. I was in 10th standard. I caught a cold frequently and felt under the weather for almost 7 days each month. After suffering from such frequent colds for a period of 9 years, I finally decided to introduce yoga into my life.  

Indulging in yoga was a transformative experience. I practised some kriyas and felt a significant change regarding my issue with cold. I continued my yoga practice for 2 years and completely stopped suffering from colds. In addition to helping me get rid of my cold, yoga also helped me build a healthy and flexible body. Not to mention, my mental landscape also changed, as yoga allowed me to enjoy a stress-free life.   

In the year 2019, I decided to pursue a course in yoga teaching. Driven by my thirst for knowledge, I continued opting for various courses to gain expertise in yoga. It was the year 2022, when I along with my friend, Anjali, decided to start a platform to share these benefits of Yoga with the whole world.


During the coronavirus pandemic, I lost someone close to me. The situation was incredibly challenging for my family and me, and it led to a shift within me. In the year 2021, I secured my first government job, but I felt something was amiss. Consequently, I decided to study more and improve my job profile. 

I noticed that my days revolved around aimlessly scrolling through my social media feed which led to an unhealthy addiction and other toxic emotions. I gradually realised that my feelings of jealousy and constant comparison with others were having a negative impact on my mental well-being, leading to not appreciating what I already had. 

At times, I found myself shedding tears and feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and angry. Initially, I attributed these emotions to the desire for a better job. Yet, it eventually dawned upon me after getting my dream job that my restlessness wasn’t solely associated with my career; it was stress I was grappling with. Despite all my achievements, I still found myself discontented.

At this time, I had also stopped practising yoga to devote all my time to my studies. However, I made a significant mistake by neglecting my physical and mental health, which I have found to be more precious than anything else. 

As I was battling depression and stress, I fully realised the toll my unregulated emotions and unhealthy habits were taking on my mental well-being. So, I decided to create a platform with my friend, Pawan, for everyone facing similar issues.


My Yoga guru was my father who learned yoga from his school teacher. The art of yoga piqued my interest, and I was driven to learn it professionally. I first joined the Patanjali Nishulk Class and then made my way to the yoga course offered by MDNIY.

I am a high-spirited and dedicated yoga teacher who embarked on this path of teaching yoga to others in order to help them embrace a beautiful blend of inner peace and physical well-being. It fills me with immense joy when I see people transforming their lives for the better, blossoming into healthier and happier beings.

I particularly enjoy working with housewives. Considering the amount of stress, anxiety and hectic lifestyle that housewives have to struggle with, I would like to introduce this wellness practice into the lives of Indian housewives, empowering them to prioritise their self-care as well.

I offer a nurturing environment that will allow you to physically challenge as well as spiritually expand yourself through mindfulness and a number of yoga asanas.