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Position:Yoga Anatomy
Experience:M.A. in Yoga, Diploma in Yoga, Yoga Anatomy, YCB level 3, UGC-NET Qualified
It was the year 2009. I was in 10th standard. I caught a cold frequently and felt under the weather for almost 7 days each month. After suffering from such frequent colds for a period of 9 years, I finally decided to introduce yoga into my life.   Indulging in yoga was a transformative experience. I practised some kriyas and felt a significant change regarding my issue with cold. I continued my yoga practice for 2 years and completely stopped suffering from colds. In addition to helping me get rid of my cold, yoga also helped me build a healthy and flexible body. Not to mention, my mental landscape also changed, as yoga allowed me to enjoy a stress-free life.    In the year 2019, I decided to pursue a course in yoga teaching. Driven by my thirst for knowledge, I continued opting for various courses to gain expertise in yoga. It was the year 2022, when I along with my friend, Anjali, decided to start a platform to share these benefits of Yoga with the whole world.