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Yoga for Constipation: Yoga Asanas to Relieve Constipation and Gas

Are you suffering from constipation? Does your morning start with an irritated face and never-ending stomach pain? If yes, then it’s high time that you do yoga for constipation regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle with moderate eating and rest. A very typical ailment, though might not be an illness, constipation is often triggered or aggravated by stress. According to

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Yoga for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Start Your Practice

Do you feel stressed and disconnected from your own true self? Welcomeyoga for beginnersto your life and unleash your fullest potential! More than300 millionpeople practise yoga worldwide. Be a part of the thriving yoga community and regain control over your mind, body and spirit. This article discusses a handful of easy yoga postures for beginners. So, follow the rules of

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