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Yoga Asanas for Back Pain: Easy Poses for Back Pain Relief

Do you experience chronic back pain due to long hours of sitting at your workstation? If you are finding yourself asking Google if you can fix back pain with yoga, the answer is yes! It’s time to embrace the power of yoga and practise yoga asanas for back pain. Yoga Asanas for Lower Back Pain Shalabhasana/The Locust Pose One of

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Yoga Asanas for Migraine: How it Works & 7 Poses to Try

Given the amount of stress present in today’s workplaces, migraine or severe headache is one of the most common issues faced by most people. Typically, such headaches affect only one-half of the head and can last even up to 2 days. Moreover, any person suffering from such migraine attacks also becomes extremely sensitive towards light or noise. However, various medical

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Yoga for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Start Your Practice

Do you feel stressed and disconnected from your own true self? Welcomeyoga for beginnersto your life and unleash your fullest potential! More than300 millionpeople practise yoga worldwide. Be a part of the thriving yoga community and regain control over your mind, body and spirit. This article discusses a handful of easy yoga postures for beginners. So, follow the rules of

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