Yoga Asanas for Back Pain: Easy Poses for Back Pain Relief

Do you experience chronic back pain due to long hours of sitting at your workstation? If you are finding yourself asking Google if you can fix back pain with yoga, the answer is yes! It’s time to embrace the power of yoga and practise yoga asanas for back pain. 

Yoga Asanas for Lower Back Pain

Shalabhasana/The Locust Pose

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One of the most beneficial asanas for lower back pain, Shalabhasana reflects the posture of a grasshopper. This asana is notable as it soothes the sciatic nerves and eases the tension built in the lower back area, providing relief and enhanced flexibility. This asana also helps in alleviating menstrual pain. 


  • Stabilises the spine and stretches your upper back. 
  • Tones the muscles of the lower body, including the upper thighs and buttocks. 
  • Strengthens the abdomen and gives a better posture to the body. 
  • Massages the digestive organs. 
  • Balances the endocrine system and helps in solving digestion issues. 

Ustrasana/Camel Pose

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Do you wish to know how to fix lower back pain at home with yoga? Practise the back-bending Ustrasana that mimics the typical posture of a camel. This posture eases back stiffness and gives you a total body stretch. This intermediate yoga posture strengthens your body and increases your overall flexibility. This yoga is also known for enhancing the capacity of your lungs. 


  • Improves posture by increasing the flexibility of the spine. 
  • Eliminates lower back pain due to prolonged sitting. 
  • Increases the flow of oxygen in the body. 
  • Helps in improving digestion.
  • Eradicate menstrual pain. 

Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose

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Bhujangasana is one of the most effective yoga asanas for back pain that provides practitioners with the ultimate yoga benefits. This yoga is a complete stretching workout that rejuvenates and regenerates the body. This is the perfect yoga posture which not only enhances physical health but also improves your mental or spiritual health. 


  • Reduces backaches by alleviating lower back stiffness. 
  • Makes the spine more flexible and increases blood circulation in the lower back region. 
  • Stretches the lower back and improves the posture. 
  • Provides strength to the buttocks and the legs. 
  • Removes digestive issues by stimulating the digestive organs. 

Makarasana/Crocodile Pose

One of the most relaxing yoga poses for back pain, Makarasana targets the lower back and helps you manage your lower backache. A restorative pose, this yoga helps to maintain a good posture and supports you in stress management. This posture is specifically good for your buttocks and leg muscles. 


  • Strengthens the muscles of the lower back. 
  • Relaxes your shoulders and the spine. 
  • Provides support to the spinal cord and enhances the flexibility of your lower back. 
  • Relieves tension and stress in the lower back.
  • Beneficial for people with asthma who suffer from lung ailments. 

Yoga Asanas for Upper Back Pain

Dwikonasana/Two-Triangle Pose

This is an intermediate-level standing pose that targets the upper back and enhances strength and flexibility. It can be practised to treat frozen shoulder and upper back stability as it opens the chest and releases the pressure accumulated in the upper portion of the body. This asana gives a good stretch to the body and helps in relaxation. 


  • Stretches the shoulders, improving mobility and flexibility of the upper arms. 
  • Strengthens the wrist joints and finger joints. 
  • Provides relief from sciatica and back pain. 
  • Tones the upper back and strengthens the neck. 
  • Promotes deeper breathing and stimulates the respiratory system.

Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose

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Bhujangasana is a beginner-friendly yoga posture that gives flexibility and strengthens the back. A back-bending posture, this is one of the best yoga asanas for back pain that enhances your posture, relieves stress, reduces inflammation and improves sleep quality. The pose relieves spine stress and leads to proper spine alignment. This posture works on the upper body muscles and strengthens them. 


  • Stretches the shoulder muscles, opens the chest and strengthens your abdomen. 
  • Bends the spine backwards, extending the back muscles. 
  • Strengthens the pelvic and abdomen muscles. 
  • Helps in alleviating slipped disc symptoms. 
  • Reduces chronic inflammation and supports the spinal cord. 

Marjariasana/Cat Stretch Pose

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This is one of the crucial yoga asanas for back pain that targets the spine along with the shoulders, neck, wrist and upper back muscles. This yoga posture is also helpful for energising the female reproductive system. 


  • Supports the spine and tones the muscles of the upper body. 
  • Enhances the blood flow to the back muscles. 
  • Stimulates the motor and the sensory nerves stimulating the flow of air throughout the body. 
  • Increases muscle flexibility and relieves muscle tension in the upper body region. 
  • Strengthens the spine and removes chronic backache and neck pain. 

Kandharasana/Bridge Pose

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Do you know which asana is the best for back pain? Try out Kandharasana which works on the upper back muscles and relaxes the shoulders, improving ease and body balance. The posture works on tightened shoulders, tones and elongates the upper section of the body and is highly effective for those people who suffer from round shoulders. 


  • Strengthens the body with a special target on the arms, shoulders and back. 
  • Improves posture and energises the back muscles. 
  • Widens the shoulders and extends the back. 
  • Targets on your core and makes you more active. 
  • Cures spinal issues and rectifies vertebral disc problems. 

Check Your Plate!

Apart from following the best asanas for back pain, there’s an easy way to treat your excruciating pain. Follow an anti-inflammatory dietary regime consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables and focus on having pulses, nuts and seeds. Cut down processed foods and saturated fats by avoiding dairy products and items with high sugar content. Consume foods like spinach, egg yolks, sardines, salmon, etc. These would provide more Calcium and Vitamin D to your body. 

Final Thoughts

As per the results of the 2017-published Annals of Internal Medicine research, yoga can heal mild to moderate back pain. Now that you have this list of the best yoga asanas for back pain with you, try practising beginner-friendly yoga postures by signing up for our classes, know your body and ease your back pain. 

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