Yoga for Weight Loss: Yoga Poses to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Are you tired of trying out the latest dietary trends for weight loss? Shift your perspective and try something new. Introduce yoga for weight loss in your fitness regime and unlock complete mindfulness. If you are wondering ‘Is 30 minutes of yoga a day enough to lose weight?’ then there’s some good news! A good yoga session of half an hour when practised 3 to 7 times a week can yield great results leading you to lose weight. But which yoga asanas should you do? And what are the benefits that you can reap from them? Read along and find answers to all your queries. 

Can you lose weight by doing yoga?

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, losing weight is a serious concern. A good amount of research has proved yoga can help not only in losing weight but also in sustaining weight loss. By practising yoga regularly and diligently, you can burn calories effectively and also shape and tone your muscle mass. It is a great way to manage stress and improve the body-mind connection. 

Pair up yoga asanas with a sustainable dietary regime that you can follow regularly and take the first step towards consistent weight management. This article discusses 6 yoga asanas that you can practice regularly to aid weight loss. 

6 Top Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Santolanasana/Plank Pose:

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Plank pose is considered to be one of the most effective yoga for weight loss poses. The asana increases your inner strength and engages all the major muscles of the body. A transitional pose, it builds energy, heat and strength inside and is a beginner’s best friend. The asana is effectively performed in a static position. The recommended duration for holding the pose is 30 seconds. But you can adjust the duration as per your body’s resilience. 


  • Reduces belly and arm fat.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen. 
  • Provides strength to the wrist and the arms. 
  • Rejuvenates the body and improves the neurological system. 
  • Stimulates the Manipura Chakra. 
  • Removes fatigue and promotes mental well-being. 

Trikonasana/Triangle Pose

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Trikonasana is an effective yoga for weight loss which is one of the foundational postures and is doable for beginners. The final posture reflects the formation of a triangle. The posture gets its name from ‘Tri’ (meaning three) and ‘Kona’ (meaning corner). In this asana, the body stretches sideways which leads to the release of stiffness in the legs and hip region. 


  • Reduce the fat deposited in the belly and waist.
  • Strengthens the leg muscles. 
  • Provides flexibility to the spine with a good stretch. 
  • Unlocks the shoulders and the hips. 
  • Helps in proper digestion. 
  • Reduces stress by releasing anxiety and improving mental health. 

Sethubandhasana/Bridge Pose:

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Sethubandhasana is the bridge lock pose as it resembles the appearance of a bridge. A part of Vinyasa, this yoga posture gives a relaxing stretch to the neck, the spine and the entire vertebral column. If you are willing to try yoga for weight loss in 10 days, then Sethubandhasana is the perfect posture that promotes blood circulation throughout the body and improves overall body functions. 


  • Supports in reducing thighs and belly fat.
  • Relieves back ache and neck pain. 
  • Strengthens the muscles of the legs and thighs. 
  • Helps regulate the thyroid gland’s functions. 
  • Reduces insomnia, fatigue, and mental stress. 
  • Promotes digestion by massaging the digestive organs. 

Dhanurasana/Bow Pose:

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An excellent example of yoga for weight loss, Dhanurasana reflects the appearance of a well-strung bow. One of the basic yoga postures, this asana is a part of Hath yoga asanas. The posture is noted for improving the flexibility of the spine and toning the arm and leg muscles. This yoga is best-practised post-meals, after a period of 3 or 4 hours. 


  • Helps in reducing thighs, arms and belly fat.
  • Improves the digestive system. 
  • Stimulates the reproductive organs and minimises menstrual disorders. 
  • Stretches the back and strengthens the abdominal muscles. 
  • Opens up the legs and widens up the chest. 
  • Calms the mind and decreases anxiety. 

Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose:

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If you are looking to practise yoga for weight loss at home for females, then Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose is the right asana for you. It can help you deal with spinal problems, digestive issues as well as menstrual possibles. The asana is a full-body posture that leads to a well-toned, flat belly, provided you do it regularly and consistently. It is a part of the Surya Namaskar and also falls under the category of Hatha Yoga. 


  • Burns belly fat and helps practitioners lose calories. 
  • Stimulates gastrointestinal functions.
  • Improves blood circulation. 
  • Enhances flexibility and strengthens body muscles. 
  • Reduces breathing problems. 

Navasana/Boat Pose:

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‘Nauka’ means ‘boat’ and ‘Asana’ means posture—this asana is a balancing pose that is perfect for practitioners with intermediate ability. The asana is a crucial posture for strengthening the abdominal region. It also requires every body limb to move towards the core or centre of the body. This yoga for weight loss also betters blood circulation. 


  • Reduces legs, belly and arm fat.
  • Opens up the joints and the limbs. 
  • Stretches hamstrings, muscles and hips. 
  • Improves digestion by secreting gastric juices. 
  • Boosts the functioning of the endocrine glands. 
  • Promotes flexibility and strength of the hip and spine. 

Final Thoughts

Yoga for weight loss lets practitioners lose harmful substances from their bodies and nourishes all the organs. It tones the body, improves digestion and promotes an overall healthy mind and body connection. 

So, if you would like to opt for yoga to lose belly fat, then you can opt for yoga classes and experience positive changes in your body, mind, and sleeping patterns and an improvement in your mental health. 

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